The bags

With linear designs that envelop the body almost like clothing. Expressive shapes that combine unusual outlines and distressed materials to create a highly styled accessory for discerning individuals. The rigorous lines highlight the leather material with solid handles that offer new interpretations of an age old function without sacrificing comfort and practicality.A line of handbags born from my search for simple aesthetic that becomes a silent yet distinctive symbol for those who wear them

Non vale una lira

Not worth a penny (a line of jewellery that ensconces old coins "old Italian liras" in our case, but you may use any coin)

A nostalgic reboot of something of no value,using coins with no currency...that given Euro's tortured condition become an exquisite,if bitter commentary. "We are better off with 200 Liras around our necks that 1 Euro in our pocket."You can also personalise this jewellery by choosing your own coin with a memorable date, making these rings, bracelets and necklaces your own


To tie a knot is a slow thoughtful process where every tightening changes its geometry around a central circle. Used for ties, belts, necklaces and other accessories. This collection began with our project some ten years ago: braiding rope, wool, cotton, cloth and even PVC mixing the common with the legendary.


male pinstripes are combined with very feminine silks for a pleasant contrast. The game between the tissues is the starting element, but to make really special our scarves, we like to study an unusual closure that highlights a unique and unmistakable.