Backpack Wood Line

  • Bags
  • Black calf leather

The Wood line represents the union of two similar though at the same time different materials, where the wood panel interweaves the leather bag in a simple way.


I must admit I love backpacks and I like the idea that they have a comfortable and original fit. In this case I have enjoyed creating a trapezoidal shape matching the body that wears it. I always carry it on my shoulders, as to become part of my clothing. The top handle allows me to hold it by using the handle whenever I want.


It is very ample as to also contain folders, books, and whatnot; it has an inner leather pocket which can be used to keep some objects on hand.

Dimesions: L 45 cm x H 51 cm


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Different ways to wear the backpack of Wood linewooden slats form a plot with the skin and protect the contents of the backpack as a shield