Lucciola bag-backpack

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  • dove grey leather

I can not give up easily to the comfort of the backpack, but it is not always the best choice if you like comfort and  style , so I choose Lucciola Bag/backpack. It’ s one of  my favorites: because I can decide to turn my bag into a backpack at any time. Inside the bag, there are two different combination of closures that modify its shape in a very simple way, by changing the fit from bag to backpack.

Lucciola is very comfortable, spacious inside and has a strong identity. This is an object that belongs to me and that I recommend to those who love style and functionality.
The feeling of the leather  is smooth and delicious to every touch, I can even cruple it.


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Different ways to wear the bag Lucciola backpack, Thoughtful design and practicality are the key concepts of this product.two magnetic closures allow Firefly, the bag backpack uniquely designed to change shape as needed.