Pagoda Pocket

  • Bags
  • Dahlia leather

It may be my obsession with space or my passion for origami, or the whim of creating a bag that becomes neatly flat, just for the architectural taste to see the movement every time it closes on itself… well, here is pagoda: a moving shape that magically becomes three-dimensional, like a pop-up-bag.

Pagoda Pocket hides a lovely secret: imagine how many times the smartphone rings, or you do not find the car keys, do not put a strain on your nerves, hidden in the folds of the Pagoda there is an invisible pocket that will become your best friend. Perfect for traveling, you can put it in your suitcases; when folded, it occupies very little space.

It is light and soft, it closes with a magnet and in addition to the external pocket you have a larger inside pocket.

If you do not find your color among those proposed in the store, don’t worry, you can select it in the color chart at the bottom of the page and mark your preferences in the notes.

Dimensions:  44 cm x 24 cm h 30 (open) – h 2 cm (closed)


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