Slave sandal

  • Sandals
  • Leather

I do not have sinuous ankles, nature has not made me this gift but this sandal is designed to emphasize ankles even those not too “graceful”. The elastic band that crosses the leather of the sandal is like a dashed graphic line and instead of ending adherent to the ankle, it diverges from the ankle leaving only the elastic to adhere … a little trick to exalt every kind of ankles. So do not be afraid!, should be also for you!

The sole is made of genuine leather and it’s covered with a suede leather, with a soft pad hidden inside. The upper part is made by genuine calfskin called ‘bottolato’, the color palette is the same of the one of bags so you can match the sandal with the bag.

Sizes avaible are 37-38-39-40-41: insert the size and the code and the color you choose in the notes,  when you place an order 


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