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Americans love shopping in Italy, because here they find small stores or shops that don’t exist in the US. Our American customers are the most enthusiastic. You know, they have told us why shopping in Italy is different. It’s because they can buy unique products that they wouldn’t find in their big cities. They are delighted by the ability of us Italians to create different universes in our stores, instead of being forced to buy single-brand products that might turn out impersonal.
Italians still look at America just as Christopher Columbus did, with the difference that, if we think about it, he wanted to reach India… We’ve got used to importing everything from the US with the idea that anything is better, that that is America, the land of opportunity. The real and immense difference is that we have a different economic framework in Italy and our trading has always been based on other dynamics.
One example for all is Black Friday, that until a few years ago, we only watched on TV, with images of long lines out of the windows waiting to get the best discount, women fighting for the ultimate piece of clothes or to grasp the right size. Today a lot is done online, partly depriving us of these interesting primordial images of fights to death for the best discounted pair of shoes!

At the beginning of November, we stop buying in physical and virtual stores waiting for the most convenient deal we can do. So, we are ready, we make plans, we prepare… but who benefits from this Black Friday? It’s only franchising stores, single-brand stores, large distribution companies with big margins on products that can make mega discounts to empty a warehouse that will be full of new disposable collections on the next day. I would say that today shipping companies are at the top of the economic pyramid of those who make the most of it. The rest of the commercial activities are simply debased by having to compete with the mega discounts, not being able to do the same and being forced to find a compromise anyway. In Italy small shopkeepers and businessmen don’t rise out with a surge in purchasing that benefits the economy, as we are told it happens in America, but simply, in the best of cases, a slight increase in sales that has filled the loss of the purchase stop up to that point.
We, the small artisanal producers, hate Black Friday. We create small collections of value, designed not to enlarge the wardrobes but to accompany our customers as long as possible; we don’t create a product thinking that it will be replaced by another the month after, indeed, our desire is that it becomes an irreplaceable life partner. We try to be special in all our choices, and in order to achieve a reasonable price we choose the necessary margin that keeps us working with passion.
Either on Black Friday or on any other occasion, we take care of our customers in the best way. We will always advise you to choose what you really like, what represents you, that will be the most convenient choice you have made, which goes beyond the most amazing discount.


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