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Travelling at Coronavirus times

By December 27, 2020No Comments

New York – High line

You can travel by staying still, you can travel through images, inspiration, suggestions. I have drawn inspiration for my work from real and unreal travels by studying the cult of beauty in different cultures, by beholding the delicacy of customs and traditions which are sometimes difficult to understand. I have always been fascinated by eastern cultures for their ancient traditions, for the harmony in the pursuit of the beautiful, and lots of different SPAZIOiF lines have been inspired by my trip in Japan.

Sevilla – Alkazar

Sevilla – Las setas

I can’t physically travel today, nobody can, and I really miss the thrill of travelling, I miss wandering in unknown places wearing my Tartaruga backpack, I miss getting lost in hidden alleys surrounded by weird smells, discovering enchanted places. I miss it a lot.

New York – supreme court

New York – Chelsea high line

Yet, I can still travel using my mind, as I have done many times, I can fall in love with a place I’m going to visit very soon, I can explore new worlds in a virtual way. Or maybe what I miss most is the travel time. So, as it often happens, I will ask my partner to go for a trip with our little girl right now in this mad world at these mad times. A five-day trip, that we will carefully choose, to explore the world from home, without moving. I will devote the travel time to them, we will choose the dates and so on. Does it seem mad? I say it’s the best way to explore the world, a world I can’t physically explore at the moment. I will choose the documentaries, the food, the music and the images which will be my trip. Not to forget what I most love of my life and to charge with new motivation. New ways to travel, to live, to survive with imagination at Coronavirus times.

Kanazawa – Modern Art Museum


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