Women’s patchwork belt


Our belts tell a little about our story. Every leather that we have selected over the years for our bags is contained in our belts.

Belts are part of our “zero waste projects” aimed at the use of raw material creating an infinitesimal waste. (We work by producing, without creating additional bulk)

You can combine the Sacchitedda purse with your belt to carry as a pouch.

Choose the size that suits you best


small: belt length 90 cm
Medium: belt length 110 cm
Large: belt length 120 cm
Extra large: belt length 130 cm

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Black patch 1 – smooth tip, Black patch 3 – nubuck crocodile tip, Black patch 4 – scale tip, Patch brown, Patch dark brown, Patch graphite, Patch nero 2 – puntale graffiato, Patch red


110 cm, 120 cm, 130 cm, 90 cm